Long story short.

Straight from the Greater Montreal(QC, Canada), Smartyz has been producing and mixing since 2005 in the Hard Dance scene, spinning and producing mainly UK Hardcore and Freeform at the time. He started being seen all around the province of Quebec, performing even in the biggest Hardcore raves around. Smartyz has visited a few places in Ontario too and even the USA.

Slowly started venturing into slower BPMs such as Hard Trance and more recently released some Progressive House songs.

"I am not limiting myself strickly to the harder sound of EDM anymore, I just write as it comes and let the inspiration lead me!"

Outside of the underground rave scene, he has been invited a few times in studio to the Kanibalz Attack! radio show on CHYZ 94.3 FM or even simply for a guest mix during the year 2009. In 2016, held a spot on the online radio show RauteMusik Happy Hardcore for about a year and then decided to jump on the video side with Facebook Live on his artist page. This lasted about 3 years with regular weekly shows but then decided again to change while Twitch was getting bigger, wanted to give it a try and finally changed over for good in 2019 until 2021. Since, nothing in sight as per livestreaming again except some appearances here and there from time to time but who knows, he may be coming back at some point!

Affiliations: Kanibalz, NightKandi, Heartbeat Events

Early influences: Euphoria, Dougal & Gammer, Breeze & Styles, Deadfunk, Brisk & Ham, Re-Con, Squad-E, Hixxy, Scott Brown

Actual influences: Alaguan, S3RL, Rob IYF, Quickdrop, Tatsunoshin, HiroHiro, Stu Infinity, Technikore, Deadfunk, W&W, NG Rezonance, Costa Pantazis, Martin Garrix, KSHMR, DubVision, Ryos, Kaaze, SaberZ, Timmy Trumpet, AXMO

Songs featured on labels such as: 24/7 Hardcore, Executive Records, Executive Digital, Brutal Kuts, HPTG Music, EMFA Music, Justice Hardcore, Go Hard Digital, Protosynthesis Records, Kanibalz Digitalz, Nine Tails Recordings, Ruffbeatz, Flicked Bean Recordings

Shared the stage with some of the biggests in the scene: S3RL, Gammer, Sharkey, DJ Entity, Matduke, Deadfunk, Tamerax, Toneshifterz, DJ Stephanie, The Divider, The Viper, Endymion, Lenny Dee, Hellsystem, DJ Mutante, Merkurius, John 00 Fleming, Micky Noise, Gnaïa